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We know that this year has been a different year for everyone all across the world.


Some people have been impacted negatively and for some it has been a season of blessing, growth and increase.


All through scripture we see people who gave out of their lack and others who have given out of abundance. Our giving is always a response to God and always a matter of obedience, and so we don’t want to rob anyone of the opportunity.


This year we are having our More Offering along with our Thanksgiving service on the 5 December.


This is going to be an amazing service where we are doing this Thanksgiving Offering out of a heart of gratitude for all God has done and is yet to do in our lives. 


More Offering will run for the month of December. To start contributing to the 2021 More Offering, use one of the options below and mark it as ‘More Offering’. for SnapScan, use the dropdown to select More Offering.

Giving Options


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Click Here to open the SnapScan app if you are viewing this page on your phone

Banking Details

Your giving can also be deposited directly into our Bank Account:


Bank: Standard Bank

Branch Name: The Glen

Branch Code: 006005

Account Number: 404734693

Account Type: Savings

Account Name: Imagine Church


Use “More Offering” as your reference.

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