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Through Water Baptism we identify with Christ in His death and resurrection. It is done as a step of obedience. It is an outward representation of an inward repentance and spiritual regeneration.

It is not done to earn salvation but as a way to show commitment to Christ and His will. In Matthew 3 we see that Jesus was baptized by John. We believe in baptism by full immersion.

As you take your Next Step to get Water Baptised – We encourage you to register for Discover Faith, during this 3 week course you will receive more information on Water Baptism and how to continue on this amazing journey to becoming a Totally Committed Christ Follower. 

Water Baptism FAQ's

Where Do I Change?

You can make use one of the ladies & gents bathrooms situated in central foyer or north foyer to change.

What Do I Bring?

You can bring a towel, dark T-shirt and shorts/tights and a change of clothes.

What Time Do I Arrive?

Please arrive promptly by 1pm, if you are not attending the 12pm service.

What Happens On The Morning?

After the 12pm service – you can check in for Water Baptism at our Discipleland Check in area, receive your tshirt and sticker.
You will attend a pre-baptism meeting in the Youth Auditorium once checking in.
After the meeting, you can change and make your way to the pool.

Will we be allowed to take photos?

Your family and friends are more than welcome to be on the sideline supporting you and take photos of this important moment in your life.

Will there be space for my family and friends to stand & watch?

There will be an area allocated around the pool, where we will have umbrellas for your friends & family to stand under. The coffee shop will also be open where they will be able to buy some refreshments and snacks.




Totally Committed sermon explains the importance of water baptism.

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